Jan 26, 2023

My Anti-Aging Protocol Broke a World Record… — YouTube

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Bryan Johnson releases his rejuvenation protocol:

Blueprint is a public science experiment to determine whether it’s possible to stay the same biological age. This requires slowing down aging processes as much as possible and then reversing the aging that has happened. Currently my speed of aging is .76 (DunedinPACE). That means for every 365 days each year, I age 277 days. My goal is to remain the same age biologically for every 365 days that pass.

I openly share (for free!) my diet, exercise and other protocols so that others can benefit and try to improve upon what I’m doing. I also openly share my health data as data is better than human opinion at guiding decision making. You can find everything here:

This video is a whirlwind tour of what my daily life looks like as my team and I are on this adventure.

On the surface, Blueprint may seem like something about health, wellness and aging. To me, it’s a philosophy.

Blueprint was born when years ago I would overeat every night as a result of the stress of everyday life: being a startup entrepreneur, a father to three young kids, leaving a religion I was born into, chronic depression etc… Every night, at 7 PM, there was nothing I could do to stop myself from committing this self-harm of overeating. This was rapidly degrading my health and wellness and speeding up my pace of aging. Eventually, I playfully fired ‘Evening Bryan’, and revoked his decision making authority from 7 PM — 10 PM every night.

I imagine a future where we would not accept self-harm as the norm. The idea of systematically and reliably avoiding self-harm may be one of the most important goals of the 21st century. How silly is it that we do things, individually and collectively that harm our self interests? How odd is it that we are so normalized to it that we even cheer it on?

Our best selves, and a positive shared future, may start with this simple principle. Blueprint is the plan for that.

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