Jan 24, 2023

How ChatGPT And Natural Language Technology Might Affect Your Job If You Are A Computer Programmer

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If you’re a computer programmer or software engineer, then you may have been alarmed by the capabilities demonstrated by the red-hot software application of the moment.

ChatGPT was unveiled in public beta form slightly before Christmas. It is a chatbot powered by the GPT-3.5 large language model (LLM) designed to use generative AI and natural language processing (NLP) to produce text that is almost indistinguishable from that written by humans. Due to its impressive abilities, it quickly went viral and has so far amassed millions of users.

Tell it to write a poem about trees in the style of Shakespeare, or an article about the applications of AI in industry, and that’s what you’ll get.

Artificial intelligence tools can now create not only speech and text but also computer code. Here, we look at what that might mean for coders and computer programmers.

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