Jan 24, 2023

General theory of relativity | General relativity explained | General relativity lecture

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General theory of relativity has got a deep understanding. In this General relativity lecture I have explained, the deep philosophical meaning of General relativity. I have also described from Special relativity when we move to General relativity, the entire notion of spacetime changes and why the mathematics becomes difficult. I have also discussed quantum mechanics and general relativity and its connection to string theory. This is a video, which discusses about the nature of development of the process and some deep philosophies which lies in the heart of spacetime.

00:00 — 01:34 — Objectives.
01:35 — 02:58 — Topics.
02:59 — 05:56 — Understanding a system.
05:57 — 12:51 — Consequence of relativity.
12:52 — 18:33 — General relativity is more geometry.
18:34 — 28:49 — What is a classical system.
28:50 — 31:23 — General relativity and Quantum mechanics.
31:24 — 32:53 — General relativity & String theory.
32:54 — 38:14 — Summary and conclusion.

Welcome to General relativity explained.

This channel is dedicated for teaching Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity. In this channel you will come to know everything about General relativity, its mathematics, online resources, books, pdf documents, YouTube lectures and other resources. For those you are starting to learn relativity, this channel will be extremely useful as well as for those who are already in their graduate and post graduate studies.

Best wishes for your endeavor in this wonderful journey.

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