Jan 30, 2023

Evolving Neural Networks Workshop

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The goal of the Evolving Neural Networks workshop is to bring together experts from Systems and Computational Neuroscience, Machine Learning and the Evo-Devo field to discuss if and how knowing the evolutionary history of neural circuits can help us understand the way the brain works, as well as the relative importance of learned VS innate neural mechanisms.

00:00 — Intro.
4:30 — Intro 1st block.
11:35 — Pamela Lyon.
33:40 — Luis Puelles.
1:01:30 — Paul Cisek.
1:28:55 — Robert Yang.
1:58:40 — Discussion 1st block.
2:29:10-Intro 2nd block.
2:36:10 — Linda Wilbrecht.
3:02:45 — Ida Momennejad.
3:34:40 — Dayu Lin.
3:57:05 — Anthony Zador.
4:21:55 — Discussion 2nd block.
4:51:15 — Closing remarks.


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