Jan 1, 2023

David Sinclair’s AMA: Age Reversal Breakthroughs, FDA Approval, and Living Forever

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The whole interview is good and informative but starts with Sinclair commenting that at the moment he thinks living to 150 is possible in our lifetimes but not immortality. But given that, I’m 51. If I’m going to live potentially another century the technology will get better and better in that century and I would fully expect to life spans to become what we want rather than what we have to accept.

In this Ask Me Anything session, David and Peter discuss the latest age-reversal breakthroughs, getting approval from the FDA, and the possibility of living forever.
David Sinclair is a biologist and academic known for his expertise in aging and epigenetics. Sinclair is a genetics professor and the Co-Director of Harvard Medical School’s Paul F. Glenn Center for Biology of Aging Research. He’s been included in Time100 as one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World, and his research has been featured all over the media. Besides writing a New York Times Best Seller, David has co-founded several biotech companies, a science publication called Aging, and is an inventor of 35 patents.
Read David’s book, Lifespan: Why We Age-and Why We Don’t Have To:

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00:52 — 01:17 Intro.
01:18 — 01:53 Why Hasn’t David Been On The Podcast Scene?
01:54 — 04:07 Where Are The Breakthroughs & When Are They Coming?
04:08 — 06:45 Peter’s Thoughts On The FDA & The Future Of Medicine.
06:46 — 11:05 David Sinclair’s Experience Dealing With The FDA
11:06 — 14:07 When Is The Right Time To Show Your Findings?
14:08 — 19:15 Are We Doing It? Are We Going To Live Forever?
19:16 — 22:19 How Are David & Peter Going To Reduce Aging?
22:20 — 23:30 Where Can You Get To Know More About David Sinclair?
23:31 — 24:37 The Human Side Of David Sinclair.
24:38 — 25:19 Outro.

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