Jan 17, 2023

AI21 Labs Announces The Future Of Writing, Challenging OpenAI

Posted by in categories: humor, robotics/AI

Tel-Aviv-based AI21 Labs launched today Wordtune Spices, a writer-augmentation tool based on generative AI. Selecting from 12 different cues, writers can generate a range of textual options to add to and enhance sentences. Spices can also suggest statistics to strengthen an argument or sharpen a detail.

AI21 says Spices is not intended to replace writers but to function as a writing assistant, suggesting additional complete sentences that improve and enhance the text that is being written. It could help refine and enrich the main message of the text, bolster and enrich arguments, and add creative expressions such as a joke or inspirational quote.

AI21 is addressing the limitations of Large Language Models (LLM) by combining deep learning with old-fashioned AI.

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