Dec 24, 2022

What Science Tells Us About Living Longer | Podcast | Overheard at National Geographic

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A scientist shares what he’s learned about living longer, with the help of worms. Scientists are hard at work trying to understand what causes aging and how to help people stay healthy for longer. Biologist Matt Kaeberlein breaks down the science of longevity and tells us how he’s using a robot to test 100,000 aging drugs a year on microscopic worms and a long-term study on the aging of pet dogs. And we’ll leave the lab to visit Willie Mae Avery, the oldest person in Washington D.C., to hear what it’s like to live such a long life.

Portrait of 107-year-old Willie Mae Avery, D.C.‘s oldest living resident.
Credit: Photograph by Rebecca Hale, National Geographic.

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