Dec 11, 2022

Watch NASA’s Artemis 1 splashdown here, starting at 11AM ET

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After 25 days in space, is about to conclude its uncrewed test run to the Moon. The mission will draw to a close when the spacecraft splashes down in the Pacific Ocean close to Guadalupe Island, which is 130 nautical miles off the coast of Baja California. Orion is scheduled to hit the water at around 12:40PM ET. NASA’s livestream will start at 11AM and continue after splashdown as a recovery team picks up the capsule. You’ll be able to watch the stream below.

NASA the landing trajectory and splashdown site so as not to pose a threat to people, land or shipping lanes. Just before re-entry, Orion and the European Service Module will separate, with the latter burning up in Earth’s atmosphere.

The crew mobile will carry out a skip entry technique to ensure it accurately arrives at the designated landing site. Orion will edge into the upper part of the atmosphere, then use that and its own lift to “skip” back out before re-entering for the final descent. The atmosphere will reduce Orion’s speed to 325MPH and the 11 parachutes will eventually slow it to a splashdown speed of 20MPH or less.

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