Dec 25, 2022

The Polar Vortex starts to intensify, but a crucial stratospheric warming wave is now forecast to develop as we head into the New Year

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The Polar Vortex is starting to power up and will drive a weather pattern change in the coming days, creating warm conditions over the United States and Europe. But its power-up will be quickly followed by a disruption event. A strong stratospheric warming wave is forecast to emerge, putting a question mark on the weather patterns for the rest of the Winter season.

Weather and the stratospheric Polar Vortex are strongly connected, especially in Winter. So it matters greatly in what shape or form the Polar Vortex is as we go through the season.

We will look at the important role of the Polar Vortex during the Winter season and how it played into the recent cold outbreaks. But more importantly, we will look closely at the latest forecasts and why the Polar Vortex might be the deciding factor for the weather patterns for the rest of the Winter season.


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  1. Robert Dambergs says:

    The Baltic States are mostly protected by the Norwegian fjords and mountains from frigid North Atlantic storms, unless polar winds manage to make it through the narrows between Sweden and Denmark. When that happens, the frigid North Atlantic winds cross the surface of the Baltic Sea, cool it down and bring very cold, stormy air to the shores of Latvia and Lithuania.
    We also catch frigid Siberian air frem the east, when westerly winds abate.
    Thank you for your very detailed and good explanation or how polar vortices affect North America.
    A more detailed analysis of North Atlantic as it reaches Europe would be appreciated, especially as affected by Mediterranean and North African weather conditions (Earth surface wavelets).
    Sahara heat often rises into Europe to determine weather conditions.
    I thoroughly enjoy your analyses and use them to plan our activities.
    Thank you !
    Robert Dambergs
    Near Riga outskirts, Latvia.
    [email protected]