Dec 27, 2022

Lost Roman Map has ATLANTIS at Eye of Sahara Africa! (Richat Structure)

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This video gives an interesting theory as to where the lost city of Atlantis was (a location known today as the Eye of the Sahara), and it seems to be a pretty reasonable conjecture. What is relevant to this group however is how it might have been destroyed by a tsunami caused by a massive landslide in the Mediterranean — which is especially notable because the location is a great distance away from the Mediterranean, yet the evidence points to such a tsunami flooding a path all the way across Africa to the Atlantic, regardless of whether the city of Atlantis was in that path.

I think of our interconnected world today and wonder what would happen if such an unexpected event were to happen now, targeting a region that was in some way or another vital to modern civilization (such as with a concentration of all talent in an important field) without any suitable alternatives available.

This is one reason why I think it is dangerous to rely on trade networks that stretch to the opposite side of the earth for vital sectors such as food or energy.

Astonishing *NEW* details have been uncovered involving the Lost Ancient City of Atlantis, and the Eye of The Sahara. These details are so significant that the Richat Structure should without a doubt, be considered the most likely location of the lost capital city of Atlantis.

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