Dec 7, 2022

Japanese man travels 4,000 miles to spell ‘marry me’ on Google Earth

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He broke the world record for GPS art.

Back in 2008, Yasushi ‘Yassan’ Takahashi wanted to find an original way to propose to his girlfriend. So he went on a journey that took him 4,000 miles (7,163 kilometers) over a period of six months, according to a video posted on Google in 2019.

The art was the words MARRY ME with a heart with an arrow in it at the very end.

In order to write this message in GPS, Takahashi traveled from the island of Hokkaido in the northern part of Japan to the shores of Kagoshima in the southern tip of the country.

GPS drawing.

He did this to create the world’s biggest GPS art. The event also garnered him a Guinness World Book Record.

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