Dec 5, 2022

Disney’s innovative AI can quickly make actors appear younger or older

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The artificial intelligence tool, known as FRAN, can make someone look a different age in five seconds.

Researchers at Disney have built an artificial intelligence tool that can make it easier for an actor to appear a different age on screen. Although digital artists can still make necessary modifications to make the effects in a scene look as realistic as possible, the artificial intelligence system can handle most of the aging effects.

Re-aging characters in films using AI

In movies and advertisements, it is costly to create photorealistic digital re-aging and requires artists to go through each scene arduously, frame-by-frame to manually change the character’s appearance and likeness.


The Disney researchers said that other systems currently available “typically suffer from facial identity loss, poor resolution and unstable results across subsequent video frames.” The research team mentioned that their method offers “the first practical, fully-automatic and production-ready method for re-aging faces in video images.”

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