Dec 30, 2022

Decoding nature’s masterful engineering using math

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Logic gates in biology can be set up to lead to timing important biological events. How is this done?

Edit: at 4:00, not all pathways make use of this motif. This is just one way timing can happen in biology.

Created by Prompt Suathim (2nd year undergrad, Integrated Science, UBC)

Uri Alon’s Book:

City Life – Artificial. Music (No Copyright Music)
Link:… ure Water by Meydän Link: Forever Sunrise — by Jonny Easton Link: Softwares used: Manim CE Keynote Blender Molecular Nodes by @BradyJohnston Chapters: 0:00 Intro 1:00 A few issues to address 2:51 Nodes in Biology 3:23 Feed Forward Loop 4:11 Logic gates in biology 5:27 The math behind delays 9:15 How is flagella production controlled 11:06 Outtro.
Pure Water by Meydän.
Forever Sunrise — by Jonny Easton.

Softwares used:
Manim CE
Molecular Nodes by @BradyJohnston.

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