Dec 17, 2022

Chemist From Cameroon Makes Cleaning Products

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Chemist Martial Gervais Oden-Bella developed a method for recycling used cooking oil by turning it into soap! Not only is he helping the environment, but he’s made a profitable business in the process.

In Cameroon, people were tossing the used oil down the drain, which can pollute water treatment systems and the environment. When the oil ends up in the environment, it’s harmful and toxic to wildlife. Now the businesses (restaurants and hotels in the southwestern city of Douala) save the used oil to give to Oden-Bella, who turns it into soap and other cleaning products.

Oden-Bella was inspired to come up with a solution to the oil problem after hotel officials consulted with him about the massive amounts of oil their business was using and inappropriately discarding. They admitted to releasing the cooking waste into the environment but said they were concerned about the harmful effects their actions could cause.

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