Dec 5, 2022

Age Reversal

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A lot of anti-ageing vids lately. Good. This concerns Though not in this vid, MH does have a habit of asking ‘When?” at some point. Previously said they have a first working treatment in just a few years so we’ll see what happens in vids to come of this interview.

In this video Professor Sebastiano introduces ERA, Epigenetic Reprogramming of Age technology and talks about his thoughts on some of the causes of aging.

Professor Vittorio Sebastiano manages a lab in Stanford University which developed and patented technology for partial cellular reprogramming. He co-founded Turn Bio, where he is now Head of research, to translate this technology into clinical applications. And with that, let me start the interview.

Turn Bio website.
Professor Sebastiano’s lab at Stanford.
Transient non-integrative expression of nuclear reprogramming factors promotes multifaceted amelioration of aging in human cells.

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