Dec 13, 2022

A Dutch startup uses Bitcoin mining to grow tulips in the Netherlands

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A Dutch entrepreneur is helping to fight climate change rather unexpectedly — by using cryptocurrency mining to grow tulips!

In a modern twist, the Dutch are using bitcoin mining to reap an age-old bounty — tulips! Known for centuries as one of their most iconic cash crops, these beloved flowers now have another purpose in Holland: powering cryptocurrency.

The idea is so promising that even philosopher Nassim Nicholas Taleb has compared bitcoin mining in greenhouses to his concept of the “black swan” event. Despite the comparisons to Tulipmania, Koning believes that Dutch agriculturalists could benefit greatly from bitcoin mining in the years ahead.

Even though the cryptocurrency sector is currently facing a major downfall – from $16,300 per unit to $68,000 in 2021, De Groot is not worried.

He believes that Bitcoin will last forever and will continue to provide benefits when it comes to cash crops.

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