Nov 15, 2022

With all this focus on Elon Musk and Twitter, you may have missed this one from Twitter

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The White House deleted a tweet after it was fact checked by not only Twitter, but CNN’s fact-checker Daniel Dale. Elections to me are often more comedy than content. Ironically the White House and all who want the blue tic authenticity will have to pay Musk whether they like it or not. The exodus should be interesting to watch, but if Musk makes some magic on Twitter, many may have to join again and pay to have relevance on Twitter, so Musk’s main focus right now should be on features. If it should be on something else, by all means tell me what has more value. I said focus on Twitter as there is no need to tell competitors everything but the kitchen sink (that Musk brought in on day one). Its nice to watch people find one feature try to respond, not knowing many features are coming before they can even implement one. Its a psychological war that can have someone beat, and thinking they can’t compete. MySpace has been better than Facebook. Drake was discovered on MySpace, not Facebook. Yet MySpace hasn’t been able to capitalize on such realities. Transmeta also could not focus on it’s strengths, and Intel easily beat them.

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