Nov 20, 2022

Twitter could ‘face outage’ during FIFA World Cup 2022, claims insider

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‘First World Cup match on Sunday! Watch on Twitter for best coverage & real-time commentary,’ Musk tweeted earlier.

Twitter has a 50–50 chance of experiencing a major crash during the FIFA World Cup 2022, a recently departed employee, told The Guardian.

The former employee has intimate knowledge of the workings of the Twitter Command Centre, the platform’s center for troubleshooting issues that arise during high traffic to the site. “Between the lack of preparations and the lack of staffing, I think it’s going to be a rough World Cup for Twitter,” he said.

He explained that an incident of malfunction or poor service is almost a certainty during the World Cup in Qatar.

The recently departed employee says Twitter simply does not have the work force in play to handle any major incidents that are bound to happen with an event as big as the World Cup.

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