Nov 18, 2022

The Future of Human Civilization (2022 — 3355 AD)

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In this video, we’ll sit down in our time machine and go forward a few millenniums into the future, to see where we would be progressing as a civilization.

0:00 Opening.
0:51 The levels of civilization.
2:13 Timelapse of the future.
5:25 Year 2141
6:34 Year 2768
8:43 Conclusion.

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Music tracks in this video:
Addicted — VYEN
Gathering Darkness — Kevin MacLeod.
Heaven and Hell — Jeremy Blake.
Landing On a Dark Planet — Doug Maxwell.
Moorland — Underbelly & Ty Mayer.
Space Hunter — Quincas Moreira.
The Awakening — Patrick Patrikios.
The Battle of 1,066 — Patrick Patrikios.

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