Nov 6, 2022

Teleportation Anyone? XPRIZE Winner Is The Closest You Can Get

Posted by in category: robotics/AI

Teleportation became a bit more real on Saturday when a German team of data scientists and engineers won the ANA Avatar XPRIZE competition in Long Beach, California, with a four-wheeled, humanoid robot named NimbRo.

But in this form of teleportation, rather than transporting a human to a remote location, vision, hearing, and a sense of touch were wirelessly transmitted from a humanoid robot to a remote human operator who then directed the robot to complete a series of complex tasks.

“Telepresence and avatar technology will be an essential part of human progress in the decades to come,” said David Locke, ANA Avatar XPRIZE’s executive director said in a statement following the conclusion of the four-year competition.

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