Nov 24, 2022

Researchers suggest that wormholes may look almost identical to black holes

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A group of researchers at Sofia University has found evidence that suggests the reason that a wormhole has never been observed is that they appear almost identical to black holes.

In their paper published in the journal Physical Review D Petya Nedkova, Galin Gyulchev, Stoytcho Yazadjiev and Valentin Delijski describe studying theoretical linear polarization from an that would be situated around a class of static traversable wormholes and compared the findings to images of .

For many years, scientists and science fiction writers have considered the theoretical possibility of a . Such an object, suggests, would take the form of a tunnel of sorts that connects two different parts of the universe. Moving through the tunnel would allow for travel to distant destinations in ways not available to spaceships incapable of moving faster than the —by taking a shortcut.

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