Nov 29, 2022

OpenAI successfully trained a Minecraft bot using 70,000 hours of gameplay videos

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This superintelligent AI is quite astounding learning similarly to a human even. What I am wanting someday is from labor to digital commerce like bitcoin to even stock markets to everything could essentially automated. Also with the neuralink we could essentially have similar intelligence as the superintelligence allowing for humans to attain a superintelligent level of abilities. I think with DNA computers could be better than essentially for implants or essentially downloading information onto human DNA computers or even brain downloads from simple impulses from devices could give binary code files for abilities or making the superintelligence abilities a simple download rather than other forms of technology.

OpenAI has always focused on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning advances that benefit humanity. Recently, the company successfully trained a bot to play Minecraft using more than 70,000 hours of gameplay videos. The achievement is far more than just a bot playing a game. It marks a giant stride forward in advanced machine learning using observation and imitation.

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