Nov 2, 2022

More than 50 Tesla employees are helping Elon Musk handle matters at Twitter

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But do they really have the necessary skillset?

The new CEO of Twitter, Elon Musk, has authorized 50 employees from his other companies, such as Tesla, SpaceX, and the Boring Company, to help him handle matters at the social media company, according to a report by CNBC

In addition to the employees, Musk has friends and advisors who are looking into the affairs at Twitter, such as the head of his family office Jared Birchall, venture capitalist and founding member of the PayPal team David Sacks, and angel investor Jason Calacanis.

After completing his Twitter acquisition, Musk fired the Board of Directors and the top brass at the social media site. This leaves him as the sole director of the company, taking up the position of the CEO at Twitter, although his Twitter bio describes him as Twitter Complaint Hotline Operator as of now.

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