Nov 30, 2022

Mind over matter: Scientists unlock regeneration mechanism for brain injury

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Basically this is one of the cure all options for thousands of brain disorders.

Researchers in Portugal have discovered a new collaborative mechanism that unveils how neural stem cells sense injury and communicate for tissue repair, moving science closer to boosting neuron regeneration after brain damage.

Stroke and traumatic brain injury can permanently damage neurons and, depending on injury site, patients may experience long-term impairments of critical motor or cognitive functions. For this reason, the brain has a reserve of special cells—known as neural stem cells—that can partially activate after tissue damage.

However, though many stem cells begin the process of regeneration, complete activation only happens in a few, meaning only a small number of fresh neurons are created. Fewer still survive to re-populate the damaged site. Instead, the area is typically filled by glia, a common non-neural support cell, which acts as the “glue” of the nervous system.

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