Nov 5, 2022

Humanoid robots could generate $154 billion in revenue over next 15 years, Goldman Sachs report

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The investment giant was inspired by Tesla’s Optimus to conduct the report.

A new Goldman Sachs report is revealing that humanoid robots could be a $154 billion-a-year business within the next 15 years, according to a report.

This is as much as the EV market, an impressive achievement to reach in so little time if you consider how long robots have been around. In the past, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said that the robot industry may eventually be worth more than Tesla’s automobile income.

The investment giant was also inspired by Tesla’s new unveiling of its own robot to conduct the report.

The report, inspired by Tesla’s introduction of its Optimus robot, reveals a bright future for robotics. The machines could be used to replace humans in monotonous or hazardous tasks.

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