Nov 26, 2022

How To Increase Longevity | Prof. Matt Kaeberlein

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No questions concerning plasma dilution or E5, but a good interview with chapters.

Professor Matt Kaeberlein discusses the Dog Aging Project, longevity, Rapamycin, mTOR, and if we can ‘solve aging’

0:00 Dog Aging Project.
4:18 Intermittent fasting.
10:23 Best longevity lifestyle.
16:25 Rapamycin & mTOR
23:27 Rapamycin human study.
30:18 Protein restriction diets.
39:46 Combination longevity therapies.
45:38 SGLT2i therapies.
47:23 Metformin & longevity.
52:50 Navigating misinformation.
55:28 Creatine.
59:00 Best exercises for longevity.
01:03:00 Can we solve aging?
01:09:45 Epigenetic reprogramming.
1:16:50 Supplements Dr Kaeberlein takes.

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