Nov 24, 2022

How GeForce changed graphics forever, the GPU: what to know

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Graphics Processing Units are not just resolution on a monitor.

The Graphics Processing Unit was first developed in the 1970s (think Pong)There are two types of GPUs, on a separate card and embedded in a CPU chip.

Today’s GPUs are so sophisticated they work in parallel to the CPU doing many tasks the CPU handles.

The term GPU gets thrown around all over the place but isn’t always used correctly. In many ways, it is a computer within a computer, and more often in recent years, it is getting big enough to need external cooling, just like the CPU. Let’s take a closer look at the Graphics Processing Unit.


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  1. BAllenv70 says:

    I like the title GeForce with a picture of a mining rig using AMD RADEON Sapphire Nitro+ RX 580/590 8GB GPU’s.