Nov 2, 2022

AI Just Got More Creative, and Filmmakers Shouldn’t Be Afraid

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Up until recently, artificial intelligence was unable to perform such creative-looking tasks.

But all of that is beginning to change thanks to AI Sketch software like DreamStudio, Dall-E 2, and Stable Diffusion, which take a few keywords via a text interface to generate an image in a process known as “generative AI.”

Generative AI is trained on sets of images, which are sourced from the internet. The machine can then learn the differences between people, places, and things and generate its own images from any text it receives.

The more data sets the AI can draw from, the more accurate and creative the results.

Corridor Digital experimented with Stable Diffusion a few weeks back and used AI to generate images to tell a story. And the results are downright inspiring.

The AI was able to create images with members of the Corridor Crew as the main characters, placing them in custom settings, complete with costumes, props, and backgrounds based on the input of a few main idea terms.…-rendering

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