Oct 22, 2022

Researchers find rarest groups of meteorites originating as far out as Neptune

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Knowing a meteorite’s origin is key to understanding the universe.

An international team of scientists has been exploring the samples of asteroid Ryugu brought back to Earth in 2020 by Hayabusa2 and may have stumbled upon their source, according to a press release published by the Natural History Museum on Thursday.

An extremely rare group of meteorites

“Carbonaceous chondrites, such as the Winchcombe meteorite which fell to Earth and was retrieved in Gloucestershire in 2021, are an extremely rare group of meteorites which have been known to contain organics and amino acids – ingredients for life. They are the most primitive and pristine materials of the solar system and can provide unique information on where water and the building blocks of life were formed, and what planets are made from,” stated the press release.

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