Oct 18, 2022

Mathematician Yitang Zhang Claims to Have Proven Riemann Hypothesis Problem

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Yitang Zhang, a Chinese-American mathematician, reportedly disclosed in an online salon organized by the Peking University Alumni Association on October 15 that he has proven the longstanding Landau-Siegel zeros theory. This finding is related to the Riemann hypothesis, a formula for the distribution of prime numbers that has remained unsolved for more than a century. However, the claim has not yet been fully verified, and it is reported that a relevant article of more than 100 pages will be sent to a preprint website in early November.

The Landau-Siegel zeros topic has represented one of the most difficult problems in number theory this century. It is a weak form of the Riemann hypothesis, which studies the existence of zeros in the DirichletL-function (a function defined on the whole complex plane). A century of research has shown that the Landau-Siegel zeros can be more difficult to solve than the Riemann hypothesis. Therefore, if Zhang Yitang has really proven that Landau-Siegel zeros exist, the Riemann hypothesis would be wrong. But for now, many people are more inclined to believe that Zhang proved the opposite result.

Regarding the news, a well-known Chinese blogger stated that “if Yitang Zhang proves the existance of Landau-Siegel zeros, then the Riemann conjecture could ‘die.’ Zhang will be the greatest mathematician in the past and future 50 years, no one else.” Others commented, “If Zhang can prove Landau-Siegel zeros, the probability can be equivalent to a person being struck by lightning twice.”

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