Oct 8, 2022

Amazon begins buying electric semis from Volvo Trucks

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Amazon has announced that it will purchase 20 electric semi-trucks from Volvo Trucks to be used in its German delivery network.

Volvo Trucks has been producing electric semis since 2019, and they are continuing to expand their sales by now selling 20 electric semi-trucks to Amazon for use in Germany. The Volvo FH electric semis will be used by Amazon to complete large domestic deliveries and are expected to travel over 1 million kilometers annually.

Amazon has high expectations for its new fleet of electric-semis. Each Volvo will be expected to travel 500 kilometers daily, nearly double the Volvo FH’s 300-kilometer range. Furthermore, they will replace diesel tracks and be expected to perform well in the same role. Spokesmen from Amazon and Volvo are optimistic and see the new fleet as critical to Amazon’s efforts to decarbonize their transport system.

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