Oct 12, 2022

AGI Laboratory moving towards artificial general intelligence?

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Moving towards Artificial General Intelligence?


The following are available for interview:

Kyrtin Atreides — Norn COO and co-inventor.

David J Kelley — Norn founder and originator.

Frits Israel — Norn CEO

To see the system “thinking” live, interview the Norn creators, or CEO, please contact:

Lief anya schneider, head of communications, AGI laboratory.

[email protected].

WhatsApp +44 7,971 950 899

Called Norn, AGI Laboratory believes it “to be the first software system to have independent motivation based on human-like emotions. Its unique configuration means that Norn not only has a memory, but also a rich emotional context for every concept, and the will and ability to grow dynamically in knowledge, scale, and character”.

According to the company “Norn is a real-time and scalable hybrid of AGI-based technology and Collective Intelligence Systems, with a novel graph database-based memory and access to many tools. Its unique architecture means that it is exponentially more energy efficient than other systems.” It is cited as being 90% less data hungry with a 90% reduction in energy use, has an architecture for reducing bias, reduces research time and wrong conclusions from ‘noise’ and can be integrated with other systems.

The system is currently in alpha development and the aim is to produce a commercially developed system before the end of 2023. Evidently, representatives of two national Governments are in initial discussions to become beta testers. Norn is being developed by a team led by “futurist, technocrat, polymath” and eight times Microsoft MVP award winner, David J Kelley.

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