Oct 28, 2022

After Neoliberalism

Posted by in categories: economics, evolution

What we now witness is what might be called Geopolitical Decentralization. Akin to the Web3 decentralization meta-trend in information and communication technologies, we are moving away from the centralized global control by one country, away from the U.S. hegemony on a global scale. With the Russia-Ukraine war, the U.S. apparently loses its status as a global superpower. This is an entirely natural geopolitical and socio-economic evolution, seemingly predetermined for a civilizational development. Mirroring each other, our technologies go in lockstep with socio-economic and geopolitical processes.

Place has always mattered when it comes to economics—and it will matter more than ever in the coming post-neoliberal world, writes Rana Foroohar.

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