Oct 26, 2022

Advanced alien civilizations haven’t contacted us because of the age of our Sun

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Could this be the reason why we haven’t spotted them yet?

Believers in the Drake Equation may have found just the right explanation for why alien civilizations haven’t been spotted by humanity yet. A new study published by U.S.-based researchers states that alien civilizations are likely looking for particular types of stars when trying to establish an intra-galactic base, and our Sun simply does not meet their criterion, Universe Today.

SETI does not make sense

Years later, Hart published a detailed paper further analyzing the Paradox wherein he stated that civilizations could rapidly expand through a galaxy by sending out ships to the nearest 100 stars who would then repeat the process, enabling galaxy-wide expansion in a short period of time.

According to hart’s calculations, our galaxy could be traversed in just 650,000 years, and an advanced civilization would have made contact with humanity by now. Since there haven’t been any, Hart concluded there are no alien civilizations out there, and therefore, missions like Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) do not make sense.

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