Oct 31, 2022

A teacher allows AI tools in exams — here’s what he learned

Posted by in categories: education, robotics/AI

AI tools are making their way into classrooms: even in schools today, students create texts, presentations, images and translations at the click of a button. How can teachers deal with AI’s new possibilities?

For many teachers, homework, papers and tests raise the question of autonomy. How should they grade exams if it’s not clear who did the work – the examinee or an AI? A common reflex to digital developments in education is to regulate these possibilities, to put digital devices into exam mode without network access, or to ban AI tools.

The Evangelisch Stiftische Gymnasium in Gütersloh, Germany, is taking the opposite approach: laptops and iPads have been widely used there for 20 years. GPT-3 and Co. are being tested in German lessons and are even required for class tests.

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