Sep 12, 2022

Researchers record for the first time that crows have conscious thoughts

Posted by in categories: evolution, neuroscience

In a recent study, scientists have made an unprecedented discovery: crows are not only clever; they also show consciousness and are aware of the world around them. This means they also have experiences that they feel and remember.

As per the research work published in the journal ‘Science’, researchers have discussed that crows show a primary or sensory consciousness. Such a form of consciousness was previously only found among primates before. This was the first time such a form of consciousness was recorded among a bird. Scientists believe this study will pave the path for researchers to understand better the evolution of awareness among the different living beings and how it affects the brain and thinking capacity among the various organisms.

It is difficult to understand the extent of consciousness, especially concerning birds because they do not speak the way we do, nor do we have sophisticated instruments to understand what goes inside their heads. Consciousness involves the thought process behind self-awareness and awareness of the world around oneself. With a good conscience, an individual often shows problem-solving traits and good decision-making skills – some visible strategies, both at which crows are good.

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