Sep 11, 2022

How the suburbs are restoring biodiversity back to America

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Grass lawns need to be replaced.

The united states of America, is the 2nd highest CO2 emitting country in the world and has the third largest population with approximately 330 million people.

According to US Department of Transportation. 276 million vehicles registered in the USA that means 91% of households have access to a vehicle.

This is largely attributed to the fact that 50% of the population live in low density suburban neighborhoods and therefore depend on a vehicle to be able to get around.

American Suburbia has grown exponentially since the post war era which was meant to elevate the housing crisis at the time, new building techniques made it fast & cheap to make mass produced homes.

By the 1950s the landscape of America changed drastically from people working in industrial cities and then being able to afford what looked like a luxurious life in the suburbs.

These suburban designs have not changed much over the last decades due to strict zoning laws which encouraged developers to leave out side walks, making these neighborhoods even more car dependent.

The result is suburban sprawl, where all houses are equally spaced apart with large green open spaces to give the illusion of country living.

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