Sep 8, 2022

Going Beyond Target Or Mechanism Of Disease: Disruptive Innovation In Drug Delivery Systems

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In 1998 I was exposed to the term “disruptive innovation” for the first time. I read a wonderful book, “The Innovator’s Dilemma” by Clayton Christensen, where I learned the difference between incremental innovation and disruptive innovation. He analyzed the hard drive industry and showed that while many companies were trying to increase the capacity of the drives, other companies changed the form factor and made the drives smaller. This resulted in disruptive progress in the industry. We also recently witnessed dramatic advances in artificial intelligence (AI), where in 2013/2014 AI systems started outperforming humans in image recognition.

Identifying novel targets and designing novel molecules is not the only way to innovate in the biopharmaceutical industry. Sometimes, innovation in delivery systems for well-know and established therapeutics may be just as disruptive as the new targeted medicine.

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