Sep 14, 2022

Ferrari unveils its most utilitarian vehicle in over 70 years, but doesn’t call it an SUV

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The carmaker keeps the prancing horse spirit alive in its first four-door vehicle.

Italian luxury carmaker Ferrari has a long history of making luxury sports cars. So, when the company unveiled its most utilitarian vehicle in its 75-year history, CEO Benedetto Vinga had only one request, “Please don’t call it a SUV, because it isnt”, Bloomberg.

Founded in 1947, Ferrari is synonymous with cars that remain closer to the ground and faster than its competitors. Most patrons and admirers of the vehicles would rather see their favorite carmaker not release new cars than see its DNA diluted to satisfy the passenger vehicle segment.

Just six years ago, CEO Sergio Marchionne figuratively chose death over making a crossover vehicle at Maranello. Yet here we are talking about a four-door four-seater vehicle displaying the famous prancing horse logo.

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