Sep 27, 2022

Dr Katcher’s E5 Experiment September 2022 Update | Review

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So one treated rat made it to 45 months which is 113 for people. A 2nd trial is underway to try and increase these results. Also, the human topical test for E5 is just for skin rejuvenation, not fro full rejuvenation or lifespan increase for people.

In this video we report on the August 2022 update from Dr. Katcher’s experiment with E5 along with some other details about the book launch in other languages, the new experiment and topical E5 for humans!

Links to Dr Katcher’s books on Amazon.

Links for this video.
Interview with Dr Katcher on NTZ Publishing.

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Reversing age: dual species measurement of epigenetic age with a single clock.
The entry on Dr Josh Mitteldorf’s Aging Matters blog.…rs-patent/
The Patent for E5

Our discussion of original paper.
Playlist for Dr. Katcher August 2021 Interview Series.

Playlist 1 for Dr. Katcher.

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