Sep 12, 2022

Did God Create The Universe? Brian Greene on The Multiverse & The Fine Tuning Argument

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Why does our universe appear so exquisitely tuned to create the conditions necessary for life? This is a question that has troubled cosmologists and physicists for decades.

Brian Greene explains how the mind-boggling idea of a multiverse may hold the answer to the puzzle. According to Greene, if there are infinitely many universes, it shouldn’t be too surprising that one ended up with the right conditions for life.

We may seriously underestimate life’s natural tendency to behave in a particular way under different laws, constants, and boundary conditions because we are biased to assume that all possible kinds of life will resemble life as we know it.

Scientists are constantly pushing the boundaries of our knowledge. However, the multiverse theories have drawn criticism from some scientists, who warn of the danger of speculation beyond what observations can tell us.

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