Sep 16, 2022

Christianity quickly diminishing in US, on pace to become minority religion in decades: study

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The new Pew Research Center report found a surge of adults leaving Christianity to become atheist, agnostic, or “nothing in particular.”


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  1. Christianity quickly diminishing in US, on pace to become minority religion in decades: study
    Christianity could possibly become a minority religion in US as early as 2045, Pew researchers said
    By Jon Brown: Fox News

    Christianity is a unique faith that stands alone and forever: and incomparable to any other religious faith or belief in the world. Without the Christian faith, humanity will not exist today in the world.

    It is God’s pure grace, mercy, rich and great compassion that has sustained this sinful and wicked world. It is that same grace and mercy that made God sent His son Jesus to die on the cross, that humanity will be saved from sin. People all over the world — black and white, Jews and Gentiles have accepted Jesus as Savior for centuries.

    Without His mighty grace, where will humanity be today? All the lawlessness ravaging America and the world: Kings, presidents, politicians, corporate leaders, doctors, lawyers, religious leaders, ordinary people taking the glory of God, and acting like God. Still God forgives and keeps calling humanity to forsake sin because a day of accountability is drawing near.

    The Christian faith will never dimmish or fade off until Jesus closes the age, which is coming soon. Jesus said:

    “I will build my church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against the church,”

    No matter what goes on in the world, God has His remnant who love and obey Him, no matter what. It is not those who say God, God all the time who are genuine believers and Christians. Only those who obey Him and listen to the Holy Spirt to glorify Him. You can be a pastor, minister, bishop, pope, only those who do His will, obey and keep His commandments and principles are genuine believers in Jesus Christ.

    Politicians are using faith, Christianity to deceive and be elected, just like they use money. Politics is all about money in America. People are claiming Evangelicals: to them abortion is the only sin. Hate, racism, lack of compassion for your neighbor, lies, murder, rape, adultery, fornication, gay and lesbian marriages, etc., are not sinful. But these things are sinful before God too, not only abortion. God continues to give humanity opportunity to change their evil ways through His grace and patience.

    Those who talk about killing a woman who commits abortion, is the man going to be killed also? The men are those sexually involved with the women; also give them money to commit abortion. You the politician talking about abortion all the time, are you faithful to your wife? Have you ever given a woman money to commit abortion? Yes, abortion is sinful, but you the politician lying all the time when you know the truth, and not standing for the truth because of campaign money, or political affiliations, that is sinful too. It is not only abortion that is sinful. You the Evangelicals talking about abortion all the time, remember God deeply loves the sinner, no matter their sin. That was why He came to die for the sinner. “It is not Hs will the sinner perishes.” All have sinned and come short of the glory of God. Stop deceiving yourself: abortion is not he only sin. You are a sinner too, unless you repent of your sin.

    Don’t deceive yourself and glory in your “study” that Christianity is diminishing. It is God’s deep grace, great compassion, that has kept and sustained humanity for a long time, despite all our wickedness.. He is the one who created the world. The Scripture says;

    “Should God mark iniquity, who among us shall stand before Him?”

    You don’t know:

    “The Eyes of God run to and fro beholding the iniquities of men.”

    “Because God does not come to judge the sons of men quickly, they set their hearts to do evil.”

    God is patiently waiting for humanity to repent. God is the one in control, not humans, kings or politicians, etc. “He is the creator of the heavens and earth, the beginning and the end, the everlasting father. At the feet of Jesus, all knees shall bow and worship Him as God; without Him was nothing made that was made.” It is stupidity, human arrogance, and ignorance to assume you are God: and can do whatever you want to do without accountability. Many powerful kings in the past history of the world have assumed God: King Nebuchadnezzar, King Herod, etc. They were humiliated and brought down. Many have tried to destroy the Christian faith through lies, hate and political propaganda in the history of the world, but they couldn’t because:

    “The word of God stands forever.”

    “I will build my church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against the church.”

    God will always have His remnant, just like in the times of
    King Ahab in the Scriptures when Elijah thought he was the only one who has not bowed his knees to bail-idol. Stop deceiving yourself with your “study” that Christianity will dimmish in decades. Christianity doesn’t deal with crowds of people, and may not be in decades because the signs of Jesus coming to close the age are appearing. Only those who keep His commandments and principles will inherit the kingdom of God. “Many shall strive but will not enter into the kingdom of God.”

    If you claim to be a believer, no matter who you are:

    “By their fruits, ye shall know them”

    God calls for humanity to repent, but few are going to be chosen who do His will when He appears at the resurrection.

    “God is no respecter of persons: whoever does His will all over the world is accepted before Him.”

    Let us stop taking His grace for granted. His grace, mercy, and deep compassion may time out on humanity. He is still patiently waiting for humanity to repent, and we arrogantly reject and ridicule His grace and say there is no God. “It is a fool who says there is no God.” We desperately need spiritual revival today in our chaotic and turbulent world.

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