Sep 22, 2022

Aubrey de Grey on why Aubrey 3.0 is about racing towards milestones and a brand-new foundation

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That was Aubrey de Grey, this is Aubrey de White. New foundation, new therapy tests.

Co-founder of the SENS Foundation, Dr Aubrey de Grey is the co-organiser of this week’s Longevity Summit Dublin 2022; he was keynote speaker at this week’s summit, speaking on Robust Mouse Rejuvenation: real soon now? and featuring on the panel discussion Blank Cheque, which also enjoyed contributions from our own Phil Newman, Michael West, Tom Weldon, Greg Grinberg and Evelyne Bischof.

But most excitingly, Dr de Grey used the platform of Longevity Summit Dublin to launch his new foundation; its Board of Directors already boasts Greg Grinberg as Executive Chair, Daria Khaltourina, Martin O’Dea (also Events Director), Gennady Stolyarov and David Wood.

Dr de Grey has always been a passionate advocate of longevity research and biotechnology, so it’s no surprise his energy and enthusiasm has driven him to create a new foundation.

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