Sep 7, 2022

An architect asked AI to design skyscrapers of the future. This is what it proposed

Posted by in categories: futurism, robotics/AI

Manas Bhatia has a bold vision of the future — one where residential skyscrapers covered in trees, plants and algae act as “air purification towers.” In a series of detailed images, the New Delhi-based architect and computational designer has brought the idea to life. His imagined buildings are depicted rising high above a futuristic metropolis, their curved forms inspired by shapes found in nature.

But the pictures were not entirely of his own imagination.

For his conceptual project, “AI x Future Cities,” Bhatia turned to an artificial intelligence imaging tool, Midjourney, that generates elaborate pictures based on written prompts.

A New Delhi-based architect’s bold vision of the future is not entirely of his own imagination.

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