Aug 5, 2022

Why aren’t neutrinos adding up?

Posted by in category: particle physics

In the two decades since short-baseline neutrino anomalies were first discovered, scientists have come up with several guesses about what might cause discrepancies.

Of all the known elementary particles, neutrinos probably give physicists the most headaches.

These tiny fundamental bits of matter are the second most common particle in the universe yet are anything but ordinary. Since their discovery, they have taunted scientists with bizarre behaviors, some of which physicists have yet to comprehend.

One source of confusion has showed up in the results from short-distance neutrino experiments, in which neutrinos are measured after traveling somewhere between a few meters and a kilometer. When scientists measure neutrinos in these experiments, the results don’t always match their predictions. Sometimes there are too many of certain types of neutrinos, while in others there are too few.

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