Aug 16, 2022

These New Technologies Will Revolutionize How We Travel FOREVER!

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In today’s video we take a deep dive into the Future of Transportation. There has been no denying the fact that for several years in the past, the world has been undergoing massive changes, thanks to the advancement in technology. However, when it comes to transportation, the changes have not been that great. Transportations method such as cars, trains, ships, and planes have improved somewhat in functionality over time, but since their creation, they have in large part stayed the same.

With that being said however, when we look at the latest advancements in technology, it looks that the rate of change is about to make a dramatic acceleration. If you are interested in knowing what the future holds when it comes to transportation, then make sure to stick with us all the way till the end.

In this video, we will unveil some amazing future transportation technologies that without a doubt will absolutely blow your mind!

The technologies we look at will include; Earth-to-earth rockets, which will let you travel from one side of the earth to the other in less than 1 hour. This technology utilizes the famous Starship from Elon Musk’s SpaceX; Hyperloop Systems, which is a cutting-edge new technology that makes use of a vacuum-sealed tube to send passengers or freight at high speeds; Fully Autonomous Vehicles, looking into the various level of autonomation available today and what will be there in the future.

The video also covers Magnetic Levitation Trains, which is a type of high-speed ground transportation technology that uses magnetic fields that lets the train levitate and move without making contact with the ground. Lastly, we cover Flying Taxis and Hypersonic Air Travel. The flying taxis, like the ones being constructed by Volocopter, is a new mode of transportation that could very well take the world by storm in the future. The future of hypersonic air travel will let passenger again take to the sky in hypersonic aircraft similar to the Concord in the past, only much safer and considerably faster.

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