Aug 27, 2022

Pink Floyd — Welcome to the Machine

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Pink Floyd — Wish You Were Here (24-bit / 192 kHz) vinyl rip.
Animações incríveis, excelentes! : “BEYOND US — After the Collapse” by Maxime Tiberghien, Sylvain Favre, Maxime Hacquard (; “PERSECUTION” by Eddy Loukil (; “The Last in Line” by — Zaki Saati (…ur&index=9)

BEYOND US — after the collapse:

Embark on the last journey of a giant machine, wandering trough our masterpiece of desolation… after the collapse.

BEYOND US is an independant short film, trying to spread a simple message about our civilisation and what we will leave behind after the collapse.

A short film by:

Maxime Tiberghien:
Sylvain Favre:
Maxime Hacquard:

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