Aug 16, 2022

Intel shares 48 benchmarks to show its Arc A750 can compete with an RTX 3060

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A battle for mainstream GPUs could start later this year.

Intel has released 48 benchmarks that show its upcoming Arc A750 GPU should be able to trade blows with Nvidia’s RTX 3,060 running modern games. While Intel set its expectations low for its Arc GPUs last month, the company has now tested its A750 directly against the RTX 3,060 across 42 DirectX 12 titles and six Vulkan games.

The results look promising for what will likely be Intel’s mainstream GPU later this year. Intel has tested the A750 against popular games like Fortnite, Control, and Call of Duty: Warzone, instead of the cherry picked handful of benchmarks the company released last month.

“These are all titles that we picked because they’re popular,” explains Intel fellow Tom Petersen, in Intel’s benchmark video. “Either reviewers are using them or they’re high on the Steam survey, or new and exciting. These are not cherry picked titles.”

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