Aug 22, 2022

How People Kept Cool Before Air Conditioners

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It could someday replace existing A/Cs.

The world is getting hotter by the day. It is now 1.1 degrees Celsius warmer on average than it was before the Industrial Revolution. This means that cooling, in general, has percolated into our lifestyles, almost essential for our survival.

However, the irony is as the planet warms, the technology we seek refuge in can only contribute to climate change, making the climate hotter. Room air conditioners are expected to quadruple to 4.5 billion by 2050, according to Scientific American.

Now, cooling an environment needs an enormous amount of energy.

So, what did people use to cool down before air conditioners? Their lives must have been unbearable during long hot summers. Or were they?

As it turns out they got by just fine and used a variety of solutions, as you’ll see. When Willies Carrier invented what we would know as an air conditioner in 1902, it wasn’t his intention to cool your home. These early AC machines were designed for use in industrial quality control. The ever-increasing drive for steel and glass skyscrapers soon created the need for AC applications to make them possible to work in.

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