Aug 27, 2022

Highly Sensitive, Mass Producible Organic Photodetectors for Medical Sensors, Fingerprint Recognition

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New green-light absorbing photodetectors could be useful for medical sensors, fingerprint recognition, and more.

New green-light absorbing transparent organic photodetectors that are highly sensitive and compatible with CMOS fabrication methods have been developed and demonstrated by researchers. Incorporating these new photodetectors into organic-silicon hybrid image sensors could be useful for many applications. These include light-based heart-rate monitoring, fingerprint recognition, and devices that detect the presence of nearby objects.

Whether used in scientific cameras or smartphones, most of today’s imaging sensors are based on CMOS technology and inorganic photodetectors that convert light signals into electric signals. Although photodetectors made from organic materials are attracting attention because they can help boost sensitivity, for example, it has thus far proven difficult to fabricate high-performance organic photodetectors.

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